Separate Camps for Boys and Girls

The board of Camp Cedarbrook Texas believes that one of the distinctive things about Camp Cedarbrook Texas is that we offer an all-girls camp and an all-boys camp. However, this year (2016) we are scheduling the two camps during the same week.

This decision was driven by economics. Based on the number of campers we’ve had over the last few years, we could no longer afford to rent the site for two weeks. Thus, we scheduled both groups during the same week. This was a very hard decision for us to make.

We are developing procedures & schedules that will allow us to run separate tracks for girls and boys, maintaining a parallel camp rather than a mixed camp. This will not be a COED camp.

Housing and activities are well separated by distance and trees. The only time the boys & girls will be in a facility together is during meal times, and even then, only for eating with seating on separate sides of the large dining hall. Songfest & skits normally associated with the meals will be held in separate facilities.

The time schedule for all activities (like Bible Ex, cabin time, archery, crafts, nature, waterfront, etc.) has been revised in order to minimize contact between the two groups of campers. They will not be participating in these activities together. Both the male and female staff will be instructed how to appropriately avoid and/or handle any interaction between the groups.

We are working hard to execute separate tracks for girls and boys. We are dependent on our Lord to accomplish His will in the lives of each camper, their families, and staff members.

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